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Tigir Er: Black Spirited Nokers Alpha

It is the moment of the apocalyptic time for the viruses on the day you wake up with the sounds of the sirens before sunrise. Nöker will kick your doors with all his hatred. It will neutralize your wife, your daughter, your son with the rifle. They will all take prisoners. Your elderly, the crippled and the weak will die. Those who are strong will be slaves to contribute to the empire. All your assets will be confiscated. We will use your corpses as energy. The crematoriums are going to burn. You will disappear, you will erase from history. On the Turkish soil you will pay for the diet of keeping the Turks confused. You will never see the comfort of the republican regime. Anyone who resists to us will groan at the decisive moment under our posts. Because in this land no longer the Greek ceremony democracy, the ruling of the Supreme Tigir will last forever. Tigir: The Er Thought System will be the only guide for the new Turkish race. No democracy! No mercy! No peace! Because Peace is to the cowards!

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorNorven Games


Tigirer Alpha 0.1.zip 16 MB


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good game man!